Hardhead Medium - LS

Individually factory tuned and tank tested, the ultra-durable HardHead - Live Series sports a life-like pattern that will fool even the most educated Muskies. This bait is our answer to the old school, all soft plastic baits that die after one fish. Given Muskie tend to target the forward half of a bait, ours is built from torture tough, high-impact resin. The replaceable rear soft plastic is connected by a durable .063 diameter through-wire. On the pause, you can count on a tantalizing horizontal fall that will absolutely drive fish crazy. Threaded brass receivers in the he ad and belly allow you to tweak the fall from a nosedive to a uniform decent. If you are targeting pressured fish, try a slow and straight retrieve which offers a subtle body roll that is sure to call their attention.

Hardhead Medium - LS



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