Renegade Bullfrog

Individually hand painted, factory tuned and tank tested, the Renegade Bullfrog is our surface slop-slider with a heavy death plop. Cast to pockets of open water inside Lilly pads, scum, Milfoil and other weeds. The curved underside is built from a high-impact resin that fishes like Maple and slides over crud with the hook facing upwards to remain weedless. A heavy UV-resistant replaceable skirt squats the back end for mega pops. The Renegade Bullfrog is quickly becoming the weapon of choice for tug-of-war missions into late summer’s gnarly cover. A single internal BB adds irresistible table rattle.


Pro tip: When fishing with the Renegade Bullfrog, thumb your spool lightly before touchdown in order for the lure to land face up for instant action.

Renegade Bullfrog

  • Body Size: 5.5 in.

    Depth: Topwater


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