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4 Ways that the Right Hearing Protection Will Help You Hunt

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There are a variety of different ways to protect your ears while you hunt. From different thats that simply block out noise to different ways to filter noise, you have choices when it comes to protecting your hearing. The important part is twofold: 1) that you are in fact protecting your hearing, and 2) that you choose the protection that is going to do the job without taking away from other elements of your hunting experience.For example, some people have found that large ear muffs can get in the way when shouldering a firearm. So find the right type of hearing protection while you hunt. Here at WildEar, we believe that hearing protection can not only increase safety of your hunting, but also your enjoyment. Here are 4 great ways that the right hearing protection will help you hunt.1. Don’t Flinch!
I don’t know about you, but loud noises make me flinch. It doesn’t matter if I know exactly when the loud noise is going to happen or not, I flinch regardless. And when I flinch I lose precision of what I am doing. This is clearly important when hunting because a small anticipatory flinch can change the destination of the round you discharge by inches, or even feet, which can mean that you hit your mark, simply injuring the animal, or you might even miss completely. But having hearing protection will decrease the noise level of what your ears hear, which typically takes care of things like my involuntary flinching.
2. Calm Nerves
The calm sense goes hand in hand with the lack of an anticipatory flinch. When you know what you are listening for you can calm your nerves and relax. You are also able to focus.
3. Higher sense of alertness
If you are on the WildEar site, you are more than likely aware of the different series WildEar products that we have. And if you are hunting with a rifle the Master Series is the WildEar product that is for you. What these high tech devices do is filter out the loud noise while amplifying the noises that are hard to hear.
4. Ability to differentiate between noises
Which segues right into our fourth and final way that the right hearing protection will help you hunt. With a hearing device that quiets the loud while at the same time amplifying the noises that you wouldn’t be able to normally hear, you will be able to differentiate between noises much easier. Just imagine not having to strain to hear subtle noise, but instead you can hear noises clearly.
Ultimately, the most important thing is to stay safe and protect your ears from harmful noises by outfitting yourself with the appropriate protective devices.

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