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Posted by John E. Utah on
“At the request of my wife and kids, I finally got my hearing checked and confirmed what I already knew;  That years of head-banging, Harley Riding and duck hunting, all with no hearing protection, had definitely taken its toll on my hearing.  Thankfully I found Wildear and can now enjoy the things I love, without inflicting further hearing loss to my damaged ears.  As a waterfowl hunter, it’s hard to wear basic earplugs as it impairs your calling ability, but with Wildears I can hear myself call and hear my hunting partners whispering about an approaching flock of birds, but when the gun goes “bang” I don’t have to worry about my ears ringing all night.  I love the comfort and features you get with the Wildears, and the Pelican carrying case is a nice touch.  I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone, but would especially encourage younger hunters to get a pair of ears before it’s too late.”

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