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Posted by Phantom Lures Webmaster on

We've been dying to show you the 180˚ head swing that is possible when fishing the Phantom Lures Xorsist, and we hope this video gives you another look into this insane action offered by what is becoming one of our most popular Muskie Fishing lures.

As you will notice in the video, the Xorsist will actually make a complete 180˚ head swing with a glide, not just a simple "pivot." This is really unique to the Xorsist, and important because it allows a fish to key in on a full side profile of the bait. This large swing back and forth provides maximum flash and a wounded fish wiggle that triggers the predatory instincts of big fish. You are able to cover water very thoroughly, keeping the bait in the zone you want, while offering tremendous action and movement.

Most often, anglers choose to run the Xorsist unweighted, or with a 1/4 oz. weight. Out of the box, the Xorsist is a floating bait, and rises 1 foot per second.

It will run 5 feet deep without weights and can be fine tuned with weights to achieve the presentation you are looking for:

-Adding a 3/4 oz. weight will suspend the Xorsist.

-Adding a 1 oz. weight will sink the Xorsist to 4" per second.

-Adding weight will mute the shoulder/belly roll.

The Xorsist can be pulled, jerked, or cranked with a high-speed reel. Your retrieve can be subtle, or fast - and each offers a unique action.

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