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Individually hand-painted, factory-tuned, and tank-tested, the Dagger is ideal for shallow or moving water.  Offering a tight, erratic, side-to-side wobble with a wide and wandering tail kick finish that seals the deal with hungry fish.  Multiple ball bearings move freely inside, adding weight for increased casting range, and creating a loud rattle that rings like a dinner bell.  A versatile bait, the Dagger can be trolled, utilized as a Jerkbait/Twitchbait, or Topwater bait.


  • Can be trolled or presented as a Jerkbait.
  • Includes Razorback.
  • Includes Internal Rattle.
  • Available in 3 different sizes.
  • Available in 24 different colors.

Target Species:

  • Walleye, Bass, Pike

Pro Tip

The Dagger is extremely versatile and can be presented in several ways.  Consider one of the following on your next outing:

  • Trolling: Three-way rig.
  • Trolling: Bottom bouncers.
  • Casting: Surface Bait / Topwater or Twitchbait.
  • Casting: Weighted with a split shot to achieve different depths.