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Posted by Phantom Lures Webmaster on

This is probably our greatest achievement for the 2019 Fishing Season. Our latest crankbait, the Boogey, was designed to dive deeper than any of our current crankbaits offered. It's got everything you'd expect from a Phantom Lures Hard Bait. The Boogey includes the all-new Razorback design, Internal Rattle System, and high-quality components. It's our take on the proven banana shape of deep water baits. The large, angled bill gets the boogey down 12' to 24' feet of water, meets up with a detailed blunt nose and 3D eyes. The body is available in four different sizes, and 24 different colors. We've even introduced "clear" for custom bait painters.

Field-testing with the Boogey has been completed on a variety of waters, by a select number of anglers who have influenced the Boogey's final design and color selection availability.

The Boogey shined on Lake Erie this April, with numerous fish caught over a period of several days, including this double caught while trolling Purple Tiger Boogey 13's for suspended Walleyes at 25', over 30'-40' of water, running 115' back behind Offshore Tackle Planner Boards at 1.1 - 1.3 mph.

In addition to Lake Erie, testing was completed on Fort Peck while targeting Lake Trout with both Boogey's and the Abyss 13.

Jared Newgard from Fishing North Dakota Guide Service was quoted in our most recent press release as saying: “Pulling the Boogey in 12-16’ of water on Sakakawea is putting

numbers of high quality fish in the boat for my clients and I."

The Boogey is available in four different size options.

Using 8# Mono, 100' Back:

The Boogey is available for sale now! Purchase them online, or in ask for them at your favorite sporting goods store.

Tight lines.

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