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Posted by Phantom Lures Webmaster on

Phantom Lures, widely known for its design and manufacture of high quality, proven baits is pleased to introduce a new design called “Razorback” which will be incorporated into all of the company’s crankbaits in the near future.

What is Razorback?

Razorback refers to the topside of Phantom crankbaits that will now include high definition micro vortices which creates a vibration within the water column while retrieved or trolled. The Razorback design was engineered utilizing CAD for precise detail and superior resolution, which can’t be achieved using traditional methods of lure design.

Keep an eye out for additional new product releases from Phantom Lures that are scheduled to occur during the 2018 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida AND be available for sale the same week!

About Phantom Lures:

Since 1996, Phantom Lures has built a strong and loyal reputation in the muskie fishing industry by making excellent, custom, quality baits that are used by first time fishermen, guides and tournament anglers. This reputation is now migrating to the walleye and bass world. Our tournament –winning baits produce actions that put trophy fish on your line, leaving you with great pictures and lifelong memories. For more information about Phantom Lures, visit PhantomLures.com or call 763.951.2902.

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