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Following last year’s partnership with Pro-Troll, Phantom announces that The Freak will now include E-Chip Technology. Visit booths (Phantom Lures) and (Pro-Troll) at ICAST 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Phantom Lures, widely known for its design and manufacture of tournament-winning muskie lures and innovative walleye crankbaits, is excited to announce that “The Freak,” one of the company’s topwater baits for muskies, will now include Pro-Troll E-Chip technology.

In August of 2017, Phantom announced its partnership with Pro-Troll, who produces the world’s first microchip designed to go into a lure and replicate the voltage that is discharged by the nervous system of live bait. This technology brings real life to artificial bait. While sight, smell and sound bring fish to an area, Electro-Location is the primary tool fish use to determine what and where to strike. Used by over one million anglers worldwide, the E-Chip is scientifically proven to attract more and bigger fish.

“We are very excited to release the E-Chip series Freak to the Phantom lineup,” stated Phantom Lures Co-Owner, Roger Neilson, Jr. “The technology that Pro-Troll offers with their E-Chip is remarkable and when combined with our Phantom Lures, it is sure to put more fish in the boat.”

The E-Chip will be placed on The Freak near the rear hook, making a bait that already excels in grabbing the attention of muskies, even more appetizing. The E-Chip never needs charging or batteries therefore an angler never needs to worry about it wearing out.

The entire line of Phantom Lures can be found at www.phantomlures.com. In addition, you can view the baits in action on the phantom lures video page. Here you will find underwater video showing the baits in use, and more. Stay connected with Phantom Lures via their social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We encourage you to sign up for the Phantom Lures email blasts, so you can stay up to date on all the latest information. Sign up here.

About Phantom Lures: Since 1996, Phantom Lures has built a strong and loyal reputation in the muskie fishing industry by making excellent, custom, quality baits that are used by first time fishermen, guides and tournament anglers. Our tournament –winning baits produce actions that put trophy fish on your line, leaving you with great pictures and lifelong memories. For more information about Phantom Lures, visit PhantomLures.com or call 763.951.2902.

About Pro-Troll: Founded in 1978, Pro-Troll Inc. creates and markets innovative fishing and marine products and is a leading developer of technology-driven fishing tackle. Its proprietary fish attraction device, The patented E-Chip replicates in lures the electrical nerve discharge of live bait. Pro-Troll sells its technology and products globally in the U.S., Scandinavia, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, Russia and Canada. Pro-Troll is privately held and is based in the San Francisco, California area. The company has factory representatives around the world.

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