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Tom and Madalyn Stewart: Father and Daughter 3-Gun Competitors

Posted by Jon James on
When kids start to get older, they get their own life. They don’t have as much time for their “parental units.” That’s where Tom Stewart considers himself lucky and, in fact, he is. Being with his daughter, Madalyn, is a way of life because they enjoy the same thing: Shooting and competing in 3-gun.Madalyn (Maddie) was quick to tell me that her dad got her into shooting and competing. Clearly, she genuinely loves the together time, saying that being with her dad is “awesome,” adding, “not many people can say that they participate in a sport with their parents.”Do they travel a lot? You bet! When we spoke with them at the NRAAM, they had already shot seven matches outside of their home state of Wisconsin.According to Tom, “we spend a lot of time traveling, on the road, doing practice and the actual competitions themselves.”In this interview, you can see a parent’s pride in Tom’s face and, in Madalyn’s, clear respect and adoration for her dad and a true love of the shooting sports. Great parenting on display!Original Article By: Jon James | American Women Who Bear ArmsOriginal Article Link: http://www.awwba.com/tom-maddie-stewart-father-daughter-3-gun-competitors/

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