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Video Update: Your WildEar Batteries

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We've been getting a few questions in regards to Batteries for our WildEar Master & Tactical Series,  and we hope this short video answers some of your questions.Here is the important information:-Batteries are Size 13 and can be identified by the Orange Sticker that is placed on the battery in it's packaging.  The orange sticker is just another way to easily remember what size battery to use, if you find yourself needing replacements.-These batteries will last around 500 hours.-In between use - or if you plan on storing your WildEar set for the off-season, remove your batteries from your WildEar Set and place the Orange Sticker on the back side of the battery for storage.  Doing so will ensure your batteries last, which means you have less to replace.To purchase replacement batteries, click the link below:https://www.wildear.com/product-page/rayovac-extra-advanced-batteries-6-pack

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