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Video Update: The WildEar Fit-Kit

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Did you know that you can create your own Ear Impressions at home with the WildEar Fit-Kit?  This video explains what is provided in our mail away Fit-Kit,  as well as the directions for returning your kit to WildEar.  The custom fit process utilizing the Fit-Kit is really easy.  First, order a WildEar Product by Internet or phone. WildEar will send you a Fit-Kit in the mail. After reading the instructions & watching our “All day Comfort” video, you will be ready to make your ear impressions. Once we receive your impressions in the Postage Paid Fit-Kit box. We will promptly begin to build your custom-fit WildEars. You will receive your product in 7-10 business days.To view our All Day Comfort Impression How To Video click below:https://www.wildear.com/custom-fit-process

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